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CANNES 2015 Market

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NEXT examines how to launch a successful movie crowdfunding campaign


- CANNES NEXT: Three audiovisual experts talked about building a strong community and launching a successful crowdfunding campaign

NEXT examines how to launch a successful movie crowdfunding campaign

Despite the heat of yesterday's mid-spring afternoon, almost every seat was taken at the NEXT Pavilion, which has just kicked off its second edition and is very likely to double last year's success.

During the first special session, three crowdfunding experts helped the audience to discover this growing phenomenon: Mathieu Maire du Poset, deputy managing director at Ulule, producer Paul Mignot and Serge Hayat, president and co-founder of Sofica Cinemage.

After a brief introduction by Hayat, in which he started tackling the subject from its very definition (“Crowdfunding means calling on a huge number of people in order to finance a project”), it was Maire du Poset's task to focus on the various steps of the process.

According to Ulule's deputy director, the main thing is to think of our “crowd” as a combination of circles: the first one being our family and friends; then our friends' friends, a community that is already interested in our project; and, last but not least, strangers, the final target.

“The 'why' is fundamental,” said Maire du Poset. “In this second phase, we evaluate the advantages that both the filmmaker and his or her community might get from crowdfunding. Firstly, we get to test our project while involving our audience, then we reward them with exclusive content, and if our story is up to their expectations, we even get financed!”

It was then time for Mignot to take the microphone in order to illustrate the campaign behind Night Fare, an action movie he produced.

“We started two years ago, and our tagline was ‘Nous, on tourne!’ (‘We're shooting anyway!’), as we didn't have a clear picture but we wanted to shoot a film,” he recalled. “Night Fare was launched on Ulule last year, and this platform helped us to shape a real community very quickly, allowing people to feel part of our project, giving us ideas and motivation.”

His suggestion to filmmakers? “Share as much as you can: it's your community that gives you visibility.”

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