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CANNES 2015 Market / Italy

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RAI Cinema and Condé Nast join forces for CNLive!


- CANNES 2015: A partnership has been announced for a new channel dedicated to cinema within the CNLive! entertainment platform

RAI Cinema and Condé Nast join forces for CNLive!

Yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival, RAI Cinema and editorial group Condé Nast announced a partnership for a new channel dedicated to film, within the entertainment and lifestyle platform CNLive!.

Online since yesterday, 15 May, CNLive! Cinema will show all-new, unseen content from Italian films, backstage footage of movies in production, and will explain the story of the star system and delve into the secrets of the film-related professions.

For this new channel, Rai Cinema will supply the crème de la crème of the short films acquired and presented at the industry's festivals; those in, or shortly to enter, production that will be staged by Rai Cinema together with other producers; shorts on social topics; and those that constituted the debuts of the great masters. Furthermore, it will make available behind-the-scenes footage of films in production in order to give the public an insight into the work carried out on set and the professions related to the film industry; sneak peeks of clips from films that are due to come out in theatres; interviews with directors and actors; and live coverage of the most exclusive events, from Italian and international festivals, through film premieres, to the most prestigious awards ceremonies.

In addition, original formats will be devised, which will aim to shine the spotlight on the Italian star system. And it will even be possible to watch web movies lasting 10-15 minutes by young directors and producers who rose to fame on the web, which are realised in an innovative way in terms of their style, the topics addressed and their codes of expression.

“This partnership,” said the managing director of RAI Cinema, Paolo Del Brocco, “offers the chance to share all the content endorsed by Rai Cinema Channel on alternative platforms with a select, high-quality audience, which is already loyal to Condé Nast. It is also an important chance for young first-timers to show off their own flair for making films on the web.”

(Translated from Italian)

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