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Iqbal Farooq to hit the silver screen


- Miso Film is adapting Manu Sareen’s series of children’s books for the screen, with Tilde Harkamp directing the first instalment

Iqbal Farooq to hit the silver screen
The cast of Iqbal Farooq: Andreas Bo and Rasmus Bjerg (back row), with Liv Leman Brandorf (as Sille), Hircano Soares (Iqbal) and Arien Alexander Takiar (Tariq) (© Per Arnesen)

The charming and imaginative 13-year-old boy Iqbal Farooq – the main character in the bestselling series of children’s books by Danish author Manu Sareen (also Minister of Integration, Social Equality and Children’s Affairs) – is heading for the cinema.

Denmark’s Miso Film has acquired the rights for all seven books and has started principal photography for number one, Iqbal Farooq and the Secret Recipe [+see also:
film profile
, on location in Copenhagen and provincial Djursland, with Danish director Tilde Harkamp at the helm.

Credited for several television series, most recently TV2 Danmark’s The Twins and Santa Claus (2013), Harkamp is working from a script by Danish author Renée Toft Simonsen, with Hircano Soares, Arien Alexander Takiar and Liv Leman Brandorf in the lead roles as Iqbal, his younger brother Tariq and his friend Sille, respectively. 

By accident, they blow up the school using homemade explosives; two criminals want the recipe to make a bomb to destroy the Tivoli Gardens, but Tariq does not remember it, so they kidnap six-year-old Dindua. Iqbal and co then launch a rescue operation for Dindua and Tivoli. 

The cast includes Rasmus Bjerg, Andreas Bo, Moowgliie Duissara, Runi Lewerissa and Sara Massoudi. The €2.3 million Elisabeth Victoria Poulsen, Christian Potalivo and Mikael Olsen production for Miso will be co-produced by Ellen Riis for Basmati Film, and Nordisk Film Distribution has scheduled the domestic release for 17 December. 

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