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The unlikely musical alliance of Lee & Cindy C


- Eyeworks has produced the first film by actor Stany Crets, Lee & Cindy C, a musical halfway between grunge and shlager, starring Bert Verbeke and Ann van den Broek

The unlikely musical alliance of Lee & Cindy C
Lee & Cindy C by Stany Crets

Lee, a diehard rocker, finds himself, after a chance encounter, sharing his music with Cindy C, a romantic shlager pop singer. The two musicians clearly have more in common that their musical backgrounds would have us believe, starting with their shared passion for music and their desire to reinvent themselves. But when grunge meets Eurovision, the result is surprising to say the least, and those closest to the two musicians do not look upon this unnatural alliance favourably.

Lee & Cindy C [+see also:
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 is the directorial debut of Stany Crets, who is well-known in Flanders, most notably for his television roles, especially in Oud België. It’s also the first feature film of singer and actress Ann van den Broek,who plays the role of Cindy, and has been in numerous television and theatre productions, as well as various musical comedies. She was recently cast for Spamalot, and has taken home a number of awards in Flanders. The film is also a first for Bert Verbeke, who plays Lee and has also previously had various television roles.

Instead, when it comes to production, the film has been guided by experience, as it was produced by Eyeworks, which already rubbed shoulders with the musical film genre a few months ago with Brabançonne [+see also:
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, which failed to pull in the crowds. The film is being distributed by Kinepolis, in a modest six copies. It’s release at the beginning of the summer is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, the Flemish offer of films in theatres at the moment is a bit thin on the ground (in fact this is just about the only Flemish film at the box office!), so the film could capture the attention of viewers in search of a local flavour; on the other hand, theatres are traditionally inundated at this time of year with blockbusters packed with special effects such as Jurassic World, which has already been released, or Terminator Genisys which has just been released. We’ll have to wait and see what happens over the coming days.

(Translated from French)

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