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54th and final 2014/2015 session for Wallimage: the Dardennes and Adèle Haenel supported


- As is its wont, Wallimage has displayed its eclecticism by supporting the Dardenne brothers as well as a debut horror title and the third films by Michel Boujenah and Lola Doillon

54th and final 2014/2015 session for Wallimage: the Dardennes and Adèle Haenel supported
The Dardenne brothers

The final session of the season for Wallimage has, as expected, granted one of its instances of support to the upcoming film by the Dardenne brothers. This was expected because the Dardenne brothers regularly deliver works that not only stand as a testament to their great artistic strength and mastery, but which also unfold chiefly in Wallonia, be it in terms of the narrative, the human aspect or the logistics. And so it is a mainly Walloon crew that will be called into action next autumn (from October to December) for the shoot of La Fille Inconnue [+see also:
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, and then to handle post-production immediately afterwards. The word is that the movie could be finished very quickly. While the majority of the cast will be Belgian, the lead role will be played by young French actress Adèle Haenel, who recently won a César Award. As usual, the title will be produced by Les Films du Fleuve, the brothers’ own company, in co-production with Archipel 35 (France).

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The three other films that were accepted during this session are co-productions. It will no longer come as a surprise to find a horror film on the Walloon investment fund’s line-up: this time it is Girls with Balls, which depicts the misfortunes of a female volleyball team coached by Michael Youn. Abandoned in the middle of the countryside and left to the frenzied ravings of a gang of debauched hunters, led by Danny Trejo, the girls will do everything they can to save themselves. Although the movie sits within the classic survival genre, the project is billed as a trashy comedy.The feature debut by Olivier Alfonso (a special-effects expert, which is a piece of luck) will be co-produced by Entre Chien et Loup.

The two remaining co-productions that will receive backing are L’Amour en braille [+see also:
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, the third film by director Michel Boujenah, an adaptation of a novel by Pascal Ruter, co-produced by Nexus Factory, which will star Charles Berling, Pascal Elbe and Laurent Capelluto; and the third film by Lola Doillon, Le Voyage de Fanny [+see also:
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, which will tell the story of the exodus of a group of children, guided by a little girl who is both imaginative and determined, as they are hunted down by the Nazis. It is set to star Cécile de France and Stéphane de Groodt, and is co-produced by Scope Pictures

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