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Shoot for Amor Impossível about to wrap


- António-Pedro Vasconcelos’ new film reunites the Portuguese director with producer Tino Navarro and scriptwriter Tiago R Santos

Shoot for Amor Impossível about to wrap
Ricardo Pereira and Soraia Chaves play two inspectors in Amor Impossível

Portuguese director António-Pedro Vasconcelos is wrapping the five-week shoot for his tenth feature, Amor Impossível [+see also:
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interview: Victória Guerra
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(lit. “Impossible Love”), in the city of Viseu.

Combining two parallel plots, Amor Impossível stars Victória Guerra, José Mata, Soraia Chaves and Ricardo Pereira in the lead roles. The script centres on a young couple (Guerra and Mata) that is living an intense and idealised love story. One day, the girl disappears and her boyfriend believes she has been kidnapped. Two police inspectors (Chaves and Pereira) are assigned to the investigation. They become involved in a secret affair and, as the investigation unfolds, they will have to face up to the deficits of their own relationship.

Vasconcelos’ new film marks a new collaboration between the 76-year-old director, producer Tino Navarro (MGN Filmes) and scriptwriter Tiago R Santos. The three men have already developed several projects together, including Os Gatos Não Têm Vertigens [+see also:
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, which became the second most-seen Portuguese film of 2014 and won nine Sophia Awards (read the news).

With a budget of €900,000, including €600,000 contributed by the ICA (read the news), Amor Impossível is scheduled to open in December. Big Picture Films will handle the theatrical distribution.

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