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Rebecka Martinsson is on the case - in four new Swedish films


- Swedish actress Ida Engvoll will star as a lawyer-investigator in films based on Åsa Larsson’s award-winning thrillers

Rebecka Martinsson is on the case - in four new Swedish films
Swedish actress Ida Engvoll

“I never imagined this when I was a grey tax lawyer sitting in my room and slaving away,” says award-winning Swedish author Åsa Larsson, whose thrillers have sold more than a million copies in Sweden. Five of her Rebecka Martinsson novels alone have been translated into 26 languages. Next month (August), Sweden’s TV4 will start production of four features based on her books: The Blood Spilt (2004), The Black Path (2006), Until Thy Wrath Be Past (2008) and The Second Deadly Sin (2012).

“In her murder mysteries, Larsson has managed to capture a unique mix of fateful excitement in a spectacularly beautiful setting. Now it is up to us to create believable characters that the audience will want to follow for a long time,” explains head of TV4 Drama Josefine Tengblad.

Twelve years after Larsson published her first book, Sun Storm (her only novel to have been adapted for the screen so far), filming will begin in Norrbotton around Kiruna – the northernmost town in Sweden, where she grew up.

Her lead character, Rebecka Martinsson – a lawyer herself – returns to Kiruna for the funeral of a childhood friend. A gut feeling tells her that there is something suspicious about the death, and she contacts an old schoolmate, now a police inspector, who reopens the case.

Martinsson will be played by Swedish actress Ida Engvoll, who is set to appear in five local features and television series this year, including Hannes Holm’s A Man Called Ove [+see also:
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, Kjell Sundvall’s For Better and Worse and Tobias Nordquist’s White Trash.

Scripted by Mattias Grosin and Henrik Engström, the four Rebecka Martinsson features will be directed by Fredrik Edfeldt, who most recently directed the award-winning Faro (Sanctuary) [+see also:
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, and they will be produced by Daniel Gylling for Yellow Bird, TV4-Gruppen, Germany’s ARD Degeto and Filmpool Nord

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