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Manane Rodríguez resorts to historical justice with Migas de pan


- The seventh film by the Galicia-based Uruguayan director is a co-production between Spain and Uruguay, and will start shooting in August

Manane Rodríguez resorts to historical justice with Migas de pan
Actress Cecilia Roth

Four weeks of filming in Montevideo and another few in Galicia will round off the shoot for Migas de pan [+see also:
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(lit. “Breadcrumbs”), the seventh film by Manane Rodríguez (Lost Ways, Un ajuste de cuentas, Retrato de mujer con hombre al fondo), a Uruguayan director who has been residing in Spain since she fled that country, at a time when the dictatorship posed a threat to her freedom. Her new movie, which has a screenplay written by the filmmaker together with fellow director Xavier Bermúdez (León and Olvido, Nena), harks back to those dreadful times, asserting the need not to forget, and to put things right.

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And so the action will unfold in two different eras: the present day and those fateful years for Uruguay (the 1970s and 1980s). In Spain, Liliana – played by Cecilia Roth and Justina Bustos at two different stages of her life – considers returning to Uruguay when she finds out that she is about to become a grandmother: when she was thrown in prison by the dictatorship, she had custody of her son snatched away from her and was disowned by her own right-wing, well-to-do family. Many women suffered the same fate at that time – university friends who were victims of reprisals owing to their political ideas. But the question is this: now that the country is enjoying a period of democracy, must we demand justice for those who inflicted so much pain but who are now taking full advantage of their freedom? Or is it better not to stir up the past?

With a budget of €1.5 million, this co-production between Xamalú Filmes (Spain) and RCI Producciones (Uruguay) benefited from development support from the ICAA and the Regional Government of Galicia. Discussions are currently under way with TVE and TVG for the purchase of its broadcasting rights (according to information provided by Chelo Loureiro, the executive producer), and its cast is topped off by Patxi Bisquert (who is now making a comeback after playing the unforgettable lead role in Tasio, and who we saw in A esmorga [+see also:
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not long ago), María Pujalte and Ernesto Chao.

The title’s international sales agent is Media Luna New Films.

(Translated from Spanish)

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