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Bolgia totale to screen in summer venues


- Matteo Scifoni’s film will premiere in Mantua and Riccione. Then it will be released in theatres on 3 September by Asap Cinema Network

Bolgia totale to screen in summer venues
Giorgio Colangeli in Bolgia totale

Bolgia totale [+see also:
film profile
 in Italian summer venues. The directorial debut of Matteo Scifoni will premiere on 20 August at the Mantova Film Fest and on 23 August at the Cinema nel Giardino in Riccione. Presenting the film will be cast members Giorgio Colangeli (Chlorine [+see also:
film review
interview: Sara Serraiocco
film profile
), in Mantua, and Domenico Diele, the star of SKY TV series 1992, in Riccione.

Starring in Bolgia totale, alongside Colangeli and Diele, are Gianmarco Tognazzi, Ivan Franek and Xhilda Lapardhaja. The film will hit theatres on 3 September and will be distributed by Asap Cinema Network. 

Old inspector Quinto Cruciani (Colangeli), now an alcoholic and habitual drug user, allows the young psychopathic drug dealer Michele Loi (Diele) to escape just after being arrested. To avoid suspending him, Chief inspector Bonanza (Tognazzi) gives Cruciani three days to track down the fugitive. Thus begins a manhunt that brings out the dreams and problems of the two characters, in a style that nods to the ‘police’ dramas in vogue during the 1970s. 

The cinematography of Bolgia totale is by Ferran Paredes Rubio (Perez [+see also:
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), the editing by Francesco De Matteis, the set design by Valentina Scalia, and the music by Stefano Fresi. The film has been produced by Mescalito Film and Oh!Pen, in association with Red Post Production.

(Translated from Italian)

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