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Brazilians: A championship brimming with surprises


- Csaba M Kiss and Gabor Rohonyi are in post-production with a film that combines football and integration; the production is staged by M&M Film

Brazilians: A championship brimming with surprises
Csaba M Kiss and Gabor Rohonyi during the shoot of Brazilians

Shot over the summer, Brazilians (Brazilok) is currently in post-production, under the guidance of its two directors: Csaba M Kiss (for whom this is his feature debut) and Gabor Rohonyi (for whom it will be his second opus, following 2007’s Konyec [+see also:
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). The cast includes a number of non-professionals, who will be supported by such actors as Franciska Farkas (Viktoria - A Tale of Grace and Greed [+see also:
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), Gergo Banki, Erno Fekete, Zoltan Schmied, Gergo Kaszas, Judit Schell, Judit Rezes, Kata Dobo, Dorka Gryllus, Laci Gaspar and Bela Dora.

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Written by Csaba M Kiss, Klara Muhi and Peter Huszar, the film is an ethno-tale with plenty of humour and tears. The chaos begins in the remote village of Acsa, where the local mayor has been urged by the new, young priest to allow the Gypsy football team, called the Brazilians, to enter the local football cup. This year, the winning team is invited to Rio de Janeiro, thanks to funding from a local millionaire. The championship begins. Events, emotions and anger take the story in all kinds of unpredictable directions, until those who finally win shouldn’t actually be the winners, and those who find love shouldn’t be together...

Produced by Monika Mecs and Erno Mesterhazy for M&M Film (which recently co-produced Szabolcs Hajdu’s Mirage [+see also:
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), Brazilians was shot from 1 July to 2 September in Acsa, Noszvaj, Penc and Budapest. The feature film is slated to come out in Hungarian theatres in spring 2016 and is benefiting from backing from the Hungarian Film Fund, which is also in charge of the international sales.

(Translated from French)

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