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Félix Viscarret makes a return to the big screen with Vientos de La Habana


- After eight years away from film, the promising director of Bajo las estrellas has just finished shooting this co-production, which is an adaptation of the novels by Cuban author Leonardo Padura

Félix Viscarret makes a return to the big screen with Vientos de La Habana
Jorge Perugorría and Juana Acosta during the shoot for Vientos de La Habana

There are a total of three countries behind Vientos de La Habana [+see also:
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, the new, eagerly awaited work by Navarre-born director Félix Viscarret: Spanish outfits Tornasol Films, Hernández y Fernández Producciones Cinematográficas and Mistery Films AIE (in collaboration with TVE), Cuban company Audiovisuales ICAIC, and German producer Nadcon Films Gmbh. And four novels by Cuban author Leonardo Padura (the latest recipient of the Princess of Asturias Arts Award) provide the material that the filmmaker and the writer – aided by Lucía López Coll – are adapting for the big screen in this ambitious project, namely Vientos de Cuaresma, Pasado perfecto, Máscaras and Paisaje de otoño (lit. “Lenten Winds, Perfect Past, Masks and Autumn Landscape”). It will see Juana Acosta, Jorge Perugorría, Carlos Enrique Almirante, Vladimir Cruz, Mariam Hernández, Yoima Valdés and Laura Ramos take on the lead roles.

This crime film with social elements takes place in the run-down city of Havana, and for four months in the Cuban capital and Tenerife, filming took place for both the film version that will be released in theatres and the miniseries set to be shown on television. Viscarret says he feels lucky to have been able to shoot in a place with such a special, sensual and seductive atmosphere, where he will unfurl stories starring a disillusioned detective, in which passion will play a primary role.

The lead character, the romantic inspector Mario Conde (played by Jorge Perugorría), meets Karina (Juana Acosta) and becomes smitten by her; meanwhile, he is investigating the rape and murder of another woman, Lissette Núñez, who was possibly caught up in the world of drugs. During his inquiries, an unexpected revelation will drastically alter his desires.

The filmmaker, who turned a lot of heads with his feature debut, Bajo las estrellas [+see also:
film profile
, in 2007, which was produced by Fernando Trueba P.C., has for the last few years been devoting his life to teaching, television, documentaries and adverts. His return to the silver screen is therefore big news.

(Translated from Spanish)

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