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Enrique Cerezo and Lorena González present the 2015 Latin American Audiovisual Panorama report


- The president of EGEDA and the director of the ICAA endorsed the publication of this useful tool for industry professionals

Enrique Cerezo and Lorena González present the 2015 Latin American Audiovisual Panorama report
Óscar Berrendo, Beatriz Hernanz Angulo, Enrique Cerezo and Lorena González yesterday, as they presented the report

The Latin American film industry is enjoying a golden age: at recent festivals such as Venice (see the news) and San Sebastián (see the news), Spanish-language films have undeniably gained in prominence. Thanks to co-productions between European and Latin American countries, titles such as Wild Tales [+see also:
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have hoisted themselves onto the podium of the highest-grossing and most award-festooned movies. The 2015 Latin American Audiovisual Panorama report is primarily intended for those people who are thinking of continuing to finance ties between countries in the Old and the New Worlds. And so the report was presented yesterday at the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid by Beatriz Hernanz, the cultural director of the institute, Enrique Cerezo, president of EGEDA, and Lorena González, CEO of the ICAA (the Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute).

This document, which can be downloaded from the web page of EGEDA, which promoted it, stresses that Latin American movie production represents 11% of the global film industry, boasting 727 million viewers scattered among 23 countries (Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the Spanish-speaking part of the USA’s population) and takings of over $3.6 billion. And despite the North American predominance in terms of distribution, three titles came out on top in their countries’ box offices, in addition to Damián Szifron’s film in Argentina: Spanish Affair [+see also:
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(Spain), A los 40 (Peru) and Vamos de robo (Dominican Republic).

The report also includes interesting information on televisual consumption, new platforms, the success of the Platino Awards (read more) and other aspects such as crowdfunding, education and the boom that is being observed in film industries like Colombia’s. It also draws attention to the urgent fight against piracy, which is jeopardising copyrights: “It’s a major scourge,” Cerezo announced, “and that is why we at EGEDA are pleading with the governments to make new laws that will create a framework of legal certainty in that regard, as has been done in other industrial sectors.”

The event was brought to a close by Lorena González, who said, “This 2015 Latin American Audiovisual Panorama is a very useful tool for building an industry: thanks to the shared language, there are many co-productions and a huge potential market; and so the audiovisual sector is joining in with the trend for internationalisation, and nobody thinks about only producing internally any more. In this sense, we must also reinforce the marketing and circulation of our products. All of this is in the report, and I encourage you to use it.”

(Translated from Spanish)

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