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Cinekid’s Financing Lab focuses on international co-production


- Experienced producers discussed the pros and cons of international partnerships at the Cinekid for Professionals 2015 Financing Lab

Cinekid’s Financing Lab focuses on international co-production
An image from the Cinekid for Professionals 2015 Financing Lab

Hosted by Film Producers Netherlands and the Creative Europe Desk, the “Financing Lab: The Benefits of International Co-Production” brought together several European experts to share their knowledge on the advantages and disadvantages of international partnerships. The event, moderated by Warren Buckleitner on the last day of Cinekid for Professionals 2015 (20-23 October), was divided into two sections: the first focused primarily on the MEDIA programme’s funding (specifically on its formalities and deadlines), while the second consisted of different producers sharing their personal experiences and advice on the topic.

Nathalie Ducher, programme coordinator for Creative Europe, opened the meeting and headed up most of the first part. As one of the people in charge of overseeing various MEDIA support schemes (namely Development of Single Project, Development of Slate Funding and Development of European Video Games), Ducher explained the difference between these co-production options and all of the procedures involved (particularly when applying for children’s films). She briefly discussed the history of MEDIA and Creative Europe, as well as their goals, current deadlines and eligibility criteria, offering hints and strategies to succeed in the selection process. Producers Floor Onrust (Family Affair Films) and Burny Bos (BosBros), who had both been successful in previous calls, brought another perspective to the panel, presenting their personal tips and recommendations to help attendees to successfully get through the MEDIA application.

During the second part of the gathering, Peter De Maegd (independent producer and entrepreneur) and Gary Timpson (owner of Kavaleer Productions Ltd) provided those present with several examples of international co-productions taken from their own portfolios. They focused on the pros and cons of these kinds of partnership, discussing both the legal and the economic aspects (regarding contracts and taxation) as well as the more personal ones (finding a balanced co-producer with whom you feel comfortable working and sharing ideas). They then gave a practical overview of how international co-production worked in their home countries (Belgium and Ireland), opening the topic up to further discussion with the members of the audience.

In general, the Financing Lab produced a highly focused and practical conference, dealing with concrete topics and examples of real-life experience, where all the speakers managed to offer some useful tools aimed at producers interested in co-working on an international level. In addition, it was held at just the right time during the industry programme – after the pitching session and the one-to-one meetings – meaning that some future projects could already get under way.

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