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The 3rd edition of the Are You Series? hosts the European Film Forum


- Prestigious premieres of works by Soderbergh and Rochant, discoveries of Belgian series writers, and reflections on screenwriting for television; it’s Are You Series?

The 3rd edition of the Are You Series? hosts the European Film Forum
The director Steven Soderbergh

The Bozar cinema will be holding the third edition of the Are You Series? Festival from 2 to 6 December. As its name indicates, the Festival is dedicated to television series. Far from the rather paralysing connotations these held for big European distribution channels just 15 years ago, today TV series represent a creative hotbed. With their dynamism, they draw in filmmakers, who momentarily abandon the big screen to explore the scriptwriting and visual possibilities of the different formats offered by television series in all their glorious diversity.

Open to both the wider public and professionals, Are You Series? gives prominence to images, with premieres of TV series episodes by filmmakers who have enjoyed (and almost certainly will again) some of the finest hours in the history of film: Steven Soderbergh (The Knick), Eric Rochant (Le Bureau des Légendes), without forgetting Lisa Chodolenko (Olive Kitteridge). Belgian filmmakers are not to be outdone either, as audiences will get a glimpse of the highly anticipated new series being produced by RTBF, atmospheric thriller La Trêve, directed by Matthieu Donck, as well as Trepalium, a new series being produced by Arte and directed by Vincent Lannoo.

The Festival will also broach the subject of writing for television series. Discussions on this topic will notably take place as part of the European Film Forum. Set up on the initiative of the European Commission in 2014, the European Film Forum offers a structured space for dialogue between the Commission and stakeholders from the audiovisual sector. The European Film Forum opened in 2015 in Berlin and gave rise to events at important European film festivals such as Cannes, Venice and MIPCOM. On 3 December, it will open a platform of meetings with screenwriters of international repute, whose ability to reach a wide audience with their quality writing has already been proven. The aim of the day will be to offer an insight into the process of creating a screenplay and take a look at how series are born as if they were pieces of art.

(Translated from French)

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