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Are you a registered reader? Then watch a free movie on Filmbib


- Backed by the Norwegian Ministry for Culture, the Norwegian Film Institute is launching a free streaming platform for shorts and documentaries

Are you a registered reader? Then watch a free movie on Filmbib

On Tuesday 24 November Norwegian Minister for Culture Thorild Widwey and the managing director of the Norwegian Film Institute, Sindre Guldvog, will officially open Filmbib, a free streaming platform with shorts and documentaries available to the registered readers of Norway’s public libraries.

Commissioned to the Institute by the Ministry, Filmbib will boast a repertoire of recent films, but also an array of older shorts for both children and adults, as well as historical documentaries of artistic and social interest.

The service will air works by directors such as as Harald Zwart (Act Naturally), Pjotr Sapegin (Aria), Margreth Olin (My Body), Hans Petter Moland (United We Stand), Anita Killi (Angry Man), Iram Haq (Little Miss Eyeflap) and Lisa Maria Gamlem (Cold).

But also films by Norwegian Oscar winner Torill Kove, Hisham Saman, Sara Johnsen, Morten Skallerud, Ole Giæver, classics by Anja Brein, authors’ portraits, movies based on literary texts by Knut Hamsun, Henrik Ibsen and Sigrid Undseth, adding to a selection of Sami films.

Initially available for PC and Mac users only, Filmbib will shortly issue an app for iOS and Android; to begin with, it will offer 150 titles, and subsequently another 50 will be added before the end of the year, with the aim of totalling at least an extra 100 films a year.

A committee with representatives from the Norwegian Film Union, Norwegian Film, TV and Videogame Producers Association, Norwegian Playwrights’ Union and Norwegian Film Directors’ Association will oversee the content of the new platform.

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