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Estonia announces FilmFly development programme


- A new scheme from the Estonian Film Institute aims to encourage private investment in film

Estonia announces FilmFly development programme

Over the years, it has become a tradition for public money to be used to finance movies. However, film budgets keep growing, and the private market is where many go to try to find the missing capital. To meet the demand, the Estonian Film Institute has announced that it will offer a unique development programme for producers as well as private investors, fund managers and banks that want to profit by investing in film.

The FilmFly programme – which will consist of training courses in Estonia and England as well as a programme of study – aims to deepen investors’ and financiers’ knowledge of the film production process, financial risks and profit-earning models. It also wants producers to increase their financial literacy, so that they understand how professional investors and financiers evaluate projects of varying risks. Thus, the emphasis of the programme is to raise the awareness of professional investors and financiers, and exchange their experiences with other European film-industry investors and financiers.

Those interested have until 6 December to apply. You can find out more at www.filmfly.eu.

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