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INDUSTRY Netherlands / South Africa

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The Netherlands and South Africa sign co-production treaty


- The Dutch/South African treaty is the latest negotiated by the Netherlands Film Fund, ahead of the upcoming deal to be signed with the French Community of Belgium

The Netherlands and South Africa sign co-production treaty
Nathi Mthethwa (left), South African Minister of Culture, and Jet Bussemaker, Dutch Minister of Culture

The Netherlands and South Africa now have a co-production treaty for the production of audiovisual works, designed to connect projects and professionals from both countries. The new treaty was signed last Friday in The Hague by Dutch Minister of Culture Jet Bussemaker and her South African counterpart, Nathi Mthethwa.

The treaty will enhance the co-production of films and other creative media projects, and will facilitate the development of cultural and economic exchanges between the two countries by allowing qualifying co-productions to access possible sources of financing. The level of performing, technical and craft contributions from each co-producer must be in line with the financial support that he or she brings to the project, which can be no less than 10% and no more than 90% of the production costs.

South Africa’s National Film and Video Foundation and the Netherlands Film Fund (NFF) will be assessing future applications for co-productions.

According to Doreen Boonekamp, CEO of the NFF, the treaty “has been eagerly awaited by professionals in order to create a comprehensive structure for creative bilateral co-operation. Our experience in the exchange of talent and expertise with South Africa through international co-productions such as Black Butterflies [+see also:
film profile
, The Price of Sugar and The Dream of Shahrazad reveals promising opportunities for closer co-operation.” 

The treaty with South Africa is the latest deal signed by the Netherlands after those with France, Canada, Germany and China. Another is due to be signed in the near future with the French Community of Belgium. “We share the same ambition towards creative international co-production, as it opens up new cultural universes, and encourages diversity and curiosity for other stories. For both our territories, it is also important to look for new opportunities for financing and new markets for distribution,” concludes Boonekamp in reference to the upcoming treaty.

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