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Family, friends and a fearless Amerindian supported by the FFHSH


- The Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein has greenlit €2.5 million for promising new film projects

Family, friends and a fearless Amerindian supported by the FFHSH
Director Fatih Akin (centre) with actors Anand Batbileg and Tristan Göbel on the set of Tschick (© StudioCanal)

German-Turkish directors such as Fatih Akin and Hüseyin Tabak are among the filmmakers whose projects have been greenlit by the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH). The Hamburg-based film fund gave the go-ahead for an amount of €2.58 million to be split among 14 projects. In Gipsy Queen, Hamburg-based director Tabak (Your Beauty Is Worth Nothing) tells the story of a Roma single mother who tries to survive with her two children. Although her father trained her as a boxer in Bucharest, only when she comes to Hamburg does she truly understand what it means to fight. Produced by Dor Film West, the project has been granted €550,000.

Another cash injection of €200,000 has been received by Berlin-based Lago Film, which is co-producing Akin’s new drama, Tschick, based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Wolfgang Herrndorf. In the movie, a teenager from a rich family joins a young outlaw on a road trip. The script has been penned by Akin and German film professor/director Hark Bohm. Studiocanal will release the picture.

Another road movie being backed is Magical Mystery by Arne Feldhusen (Tatortreiniger), in which a raver takes his old buddy on a techno trip across Germany after he has spent several years in an assisted-living community owing to his mental breakdown. Razor Filmproduktion in Berlin is getting €300,000 for this adventure. Fostering and friendship are also key issues in the story of Simpel, where a young man with an intellectual disability is supposed to end up in a clinic when his mother dies. Instead, his brother moves into a shared apartment with him and some medical students. With Frederick Lau (Victoria), David Kross (KrabatThe Reader) and Emilia Schüle (Boy 7) comprising the main cast, this charming tragicomedy is being staged by Letterbox Filmproduktion, which is getting €500,000 from the FFHSH.

Finally, in the animated action-adventure Yakari – Große Stürme mit kleiner Donner, a wild pony is in serious trouble but is saved by a brave little Amerindian. Based on a successful children's series, Hamburg-based production company WunderWerk is receiving €450,000 to create the cartoon. 

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