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Natale col boss: Italian Christmas blockbusters swing into action


- Volfango De Biasi directs Lillo, Greg, Mandelli and Ruffini in a successful action comedy guest starring Peppino Di Capri. Also in theatres Vacanze ai Caraibi

Natale col boss: Italian Christmas blockbusters swing into action
Lillo & Greg in a scene from Natale col boss

Can you picture Peppino Di Capri with a gun in his hand heading up a ruthless gang of Camorra members? This unprecedented role played by the popular Neapolitan crooner is just one of the many surprises in store in Filmauro’s new Christmas blockbuster Natale col boss [+see also:
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, which was once again entrusted to director Volfango De Biasi this year (De Biasi also took the reins onUn Natale stupefacente). The new direction that producer Aurelio De Laurentiis wanted to take Christmas film in, following his separation from duo De Sica-Parenti, is confirmed this year with this relentless action comedy that marks a return to genre films, with mistaken identities, crossed wires, chases, plot twists and famous quotes aplenty (from Gomorrah [+see also:
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, The Godfather, The Matrix…), entertaining and never vulgar.

The paths of sloppy police officers Leo and Cosimo (Paolo Ruffini and Francesco Mandelli) and two established plastic surgeons, Alex and Dino (Lillo & Greg) cross when, after being photographed by two agents during an illegal business transaction, a fearsome Camorra mafia boss decides to change the way he looks. He asks for the face of Leonardo DiCaprio, but the two surgeons misunderstand and give him the face of Peppino di Capri. After his initial dismay, the boss starts to appreciate his new identity, along with the fame and easy living that comes with it, and even takes up singing lessons, so that no one will be able to tell the difference between the criminal lowlife and the real Di Capri (the singer skilfully plays both roles). Natale col boss is released today in 600 theatres with Filmauro.

Also in the same number of theatres is its direct competition, Vacanze ai Caraibi [+see also:
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(Medusa), for which director Neri Parenti and actor Christian De Sica have stuck to the tried and tested Christmas blockbuster formula, a more raunchy and slapstick film set in an exotic location and centering around sex, money and weddings; the cast features Massimo Ghini, Angela Finocchiaro, Luca Argentero, Ilaria Spada and Dario Bandiera.

(Translated from Italian)

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