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MiBact supports integration film with MigrArti


- A call for tenders worth €400,000 for film projects that promote awareness of the culture of “new Italians” to overcome mistrust and prejudice

MiBact supports integration film with MigrArti

A call for tenders worth €400,000 for film projects focusing on integration and cultural variety. The project is called MigrArti and was launched by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, which is aware of the need to do as much as it can to promote awareness of the cultures of “new Italians” to overcome fear, mistrust and prejudice.

The aim of the initiative in the long term is to try and identify the various realities of the migrant populations that have come to be an integral part of Italy’s landscape, economy, culture, workforce and general social fabric. MigrArti aims to create the conditions and opportunities for getting to know the cultures of origin of new Italians, with a particular emphasis on second generation Italians, who are a veritable bridge between their parents and the future that lies in store for them in Italy.

The initiative’s main tool will be two calls for tender worth €400,000 apiece for film and live performance. Public and private bodies have been now and 31 January 2016 to apply. Further information can be found on the Ministry’s website.

(Translated from Italian)

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