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BERLIN 2016 Sweden

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Swedish film The Yard selected for the Berlinale


- Måns Månsson’s The Yard will have its international premiere in the Forum at the Berlin International Film Festival

Swedish film The Yard selected for the Berlinale
Anders Mossling in The Yard

The Yard [+see also:
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– the second feature by Swedish director Måns Månsson, who is also a cinematographer with nine films to his credit – has been selected for the Forum programme at the Berlin International Film Festival (11-21 February); however, first, it will open Sweden’s Göteborg International Film Festival (29 January-8 February).

Månsson, who in Roland Hassel [+see also:
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(2012) followed a retired police inspector trying to solve the 1986 murder of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme, has this time found his main character, Anders, in Kristian Lundberg’s 2009 novel, which Swedish screenwriter Sara Nemeth has adapted for the big screen.

Anders is a poet, literary critic and single father who loses his job as a journalist at a newspaper because he has written a review of a book that does not exist. With no formal education, he ends up in the mundane world of unskilled work – toiling as a day labourer at The Yard, a transshipment hub for car imports, in the harbour of Malmö. There he is seen as an outcast, a nameless stranger with a five-digit number, who must learn to negotiate the suspicions of his immigrant co-workers and the strict regulations of the management. At home, the relationship with his teenage son quickly deteriorates, as their middle-class lifestyle starts to erode.

Swedish actor Anders Mossling plays the lead as Anders in the Emma Åkesdotter-Ronge production for Anagram Film & TV. The Yard will be launched in Sweden on 11 March by Triart Film, while Finnish international sales agency The Yellow Affair is handling its international distribution.

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