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Mark Kostyal putting the finishing touches to Cojote


- The filmmaker has been shooting his feature debut with anamorphic lenses; production is being handled by Megafilm

Mark Kostyal putting the finishing touches to Cojote
Director Mark Kostyal

In the Hungarian cinematic landscape, where a string of young filmmakers manage to break through on a regular basis, a new name will soon be added to the list – that of Mark Kostyal, who is currently fine-tuning the post-production of his feature debut: Coyote [+see also:
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. The filmmaker, who hails from the world of advertising, has set his heart on making a movie with stunning visuals, and for this he used anamorphic lenses during filming, which allowed him to obtain an extremely high-resolution image. The cast includes András Mészáros, Mara Dobra, László Mátray and Frigyes Kovács.

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Written by Balázs Lengyel and Balázs Lovas, and based on an original idea by the director himself, the story is set in the modern day, in the small town of Tuzko, somewhere in Hungary. A muggy heat and small-town bleakness reign, while unspoken social problems and power struggles also start to take hold... Cue the arrival of Misi, who has just inherited his grandfather’s house and his property. Misi is a disillusioned and frustrated young man, a constant refugee who cannot find his role in his life, his job or his relationships. He starts to build and renovate the house with some men from the town, but it goes against the local oligarch’s interests. A tough struggle begins for the property, for love and for life itself, and Misi becomes a real coyote in every aspect...

Produced by Gabor Kalomista and Dorottya Helmeczy for Megafilm, Coyote benefited from backing from the Hungarian National Film Fund. Interestingly, the director is also credited with handling the cinematography, together with Attila Csoboth. The movie will be distributed in Hungarian cinemas in December, courtesy of HungariCom.

Megafilm has produced three films by Krisztina Goda (Just Sex and Nothing Else [+see also:
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, Chameleon [+see also:
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and Home Guards [+see also:
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), in addition to Coming Out by Dénes Orosz, which proved to be a smash hit at the Hungarian box office in late 2013.

(Translated from French)

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