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The CNC's advance on receipts for Ava by Léa Mysius


- The CNC will also support debut feature films by Elsa Diringer, Samuel Jouy, Fabien Gorgeart and Luca Bernard

The CNC's advance on receipts for Ava by Léa Mysius
Director Léa Mysius

Five projects of debut feature films were chosen at the 1st session of 2016 of the first college for advances on receipts of the CNC. They include Ava [+see also:
film review
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interview: Léa Mysius
film profile
by Léa Mysius. After working in the screenwriting department of La Fémis, this director rose to prominence with her short films Cadavre exquis, Thunderbirds and L'île jaune, all three of which were screened in the national competition at Clermont-Ferrand in 2013 (when she won the award for best first fictional work), 2015 and 2016 (when she won the prize for best photography, which went to her co-director Paul Guilhaume). It should be pointed out that Thunderbirds featured in the Cinéfondation selection at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. Written by Léa Mysius and Paul Guilhaume, the screenplay for Ava (which won the Sopadin Junior Prize in 2014) centres around Ava, who, whilst on holiday by the sea with her mother, learns that she’s going to lose her sight quicker than she thought. She’s a reclusive and stubborn young girl, who is not at all faint-hearted. She’s wild and irresistible. She decides to face up to the problem in her own way, determined to have a summer to remember. Produced by Trois Brigands Productions (Fanny Yvonnet) and F Comme Film (Jean-Louis Livi), Ava is set to start filming next summer. 

An advance on receipts has also been granted to Luna by Elsa Diringer, who has four short films to her name, including C'est à Dieu qu'il faut le dire. Produced by Muriel Meynard for Ex Nihilo, her debut feature film project is set in the summer, in Montpelier, and centres around Luna, 16 years old, who has just got her professional qualification in market farming. She keeps boredom at bay by hanging around with Ruben and his gang, until one day she works up the courage to free herself of him after meeting Zac, a solitary young graffiti artist and trumpet player. 

The CNC will also support Sparring, the debut feature by actor Samuel Jouy (who was recently acclaimed for his performance in French Blood [+see also:
film profile
). Produced by Bruno Nahon for Unité de Production, the film is set to star Mathieu Kassovitz.

Another advance on receipts goes to Diane Has the Right Shape [+see also:
film profile
 by Fabien Gorgeart, whose work to date includes five short films, including Le Sens de l’orientation (which won the Special Jury Prize at Clermont-Ferrand in 2012) and Un Chien de ma chienne (which was screened in Critics’ Week at Cannes in 2013). Produced by Jean des Forêts for Petit Film, the storyline centres around Diane, who, whilst carrying the future child of her friends Jacques and Thomas, falls for Fabrizio, the craftsman who’s renovating her house. But he becomes increasingly possessive, and would have himself take the place of the father…

Last but not least, the CNC will be supporting Une histoire de l'art by Luca Bernard, a project which will be produced by Florian Môle for Les Grands Espaces Films and was already awarded at Emergence last year. The main character, police chief Beffrois, is counting down the days till his retirement with reserved enthusiasm, when the theft of a painting recaptures his attention. Is it the elegance of the way it was done? The audacity of the crime? The beauty of the piece stolen? Beffrois investigates, savouring every moment, gradually building the profile of an atypical thief, a breath of fresh air and an escape artist when he chooses.

(Translated from French)

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