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The Netherlands Film Production Incentive scheme backs 12 new projects


- The amount available for tax rebate in the first round of the scheme this year is over €3.8 million

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive scheme backs 12 new projects
Polish director Urszula Antoniak’s new film, Beyond Words, is among the selected titles

The Netherlands Film Fund’s Film Production Incentive has announced it is supporting 12 new film projects from the scheme’s first round of 2016. The amount available for tax rebate is over €3.8 million. The selected projects include nine fiction feature films and three documentaries, including six international co-productions with countries such as the USA, the UK, Poland, and neighbouring and long-time co-producing countries Germany and Belgium.

Three Film Production Incentive rounds are still to come this year. The next application deadlines are 10 May, 10 August and 1 November.

The projects supported in the first round are: The Resistance Banker (fiction feature) by Diederik van Rooijen (producers: NL Film and TV BV, Netherlands; Silver Lake Productions, Belgium), Beyond Words [+see also:
film review
interview: Urszula Antoniak
film profile
 by Urszula Antoniak (producers: Family Affair Films, Netherlands; Opus Film, Poland; NIKO Film, Germany), The Second Coming - D'Angelo (documentary) by Carine Bijlsma (producers: Interakt Productions BV, Netherlands; Pulse Films, UK), Daughters of Soul (documentary) by Jeroen Berkvens (producer: Zeppers Film and TV BV, Netherlands), The Longing (fiction feature) by Joram Lürsen (producer: Topkapi Films, Netherlands), Boys Will Be Boys (fiction feature) by Johan Nijenhuis (producer: Johan Nijenhuis & Co BV, Netherlands), Possessed (documentary) by Daniel van der Velden (producer: Dutch Mountain Film BV, Netherlands), Ron Goossens: Lowbudget Stuntman [+see also:
film profile
 by Steffen Haars (producer: Kaap Holland Film BV, Netherlands), Rock, Paper, Scissors (fiction feature) by Lola Randl (producers: Circe Films BV, Netherlands; Coin Film GmbH, Germany), The Hitman's Bodyguard (fiction feature) by Jeff Wadlow (producers: Tom de Mol Productions, Netherlands; The Hitman's Bodyguard Ltd, USA), Joy of Fatherhood (fiction feature) by Martijn Heijne (producer: NL Film and TV BV, Netherlands) and Zagros (fiction feature) by Sahim Omar Kalifa (producers: Viking Film, Netherlands; A Private View, Belgium).

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