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Nessuno mi troverà – Majorana Memorandum in Italian cinemas


- A documentary by Egido Eronico on the work and story of the greatest theoretical physicist of the 20th century, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1938

Nessuno mi troverà – Majorana Memorandum in Italian cinemas

On Friday 15 April Nessuno mi troverà – Majorana Memorandum [+see also:
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hits Italian cinemas, the documentary by Egidio Eronico produced by Andrea Stucovitz for Partner Media Investment and distributed by Istituto Luce-Cinecittà on one of the most debated and mysterious cases not only to hit the headlines, but in scientific and cultural terms too, in Italian history. 

On 26 March 1938, Ettore Majorana, perhaps the greatest theoretical physicist of the 20th century, disappeared without a trace or explanation at the tender age of 31, with his becoming perhaps the most-well disappearance in contemporary Italian history. His disappearance, 80 years on, is still throwing up questions, doubt and stimulating research; whilst his scientific work is today even more relevant than when it was published, and some of his theories could soon be sensationally confirmed. 

The day after he disappeared, a jumble of theories and conjectures started to surface. Did he commit suicide? Was he kidnapped by foreign powers? Did he retreat to a monastery? The Majorana affaire seemingly involves atomic scientists, secret services, politicians and soldiers. Through documentation, archive footage, graphic novel animations, accounts, documentary-style footage and investigative theories, the film plumbs the depths of the sea of mystery surrounding Ettore Majorana.

The film features Francesco Guerra, Nadia Robotti, Ettore Majorana jr, Etienne Klein, Wolfgang Fabio Schultze, Jordi Bonells, and was produced with the special collaboration of the CNR - Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche e Tecnologie della materia, with the input of prestigious researchers, big names from the world of science, academics, and a compelling contribution for the animations from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Animation Department.

(Translated from Italian)

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