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The Estonian Film Institute announces support for two microbudget features


- The projects include the latest film by Martti Helde, the director of In the Crosswind

The Estonian Film Institute announces support for two microbudget features
Director Martti Helde

The Estonian Film Institute (EFI) and Estonian Cultural Capital have announced that they will provide funding for two microbudget projects. The pair was chosen from seven submissions. Each film will receive €120,000, with €60,000 provided by the EFI and €60,000 coming from the Cultural Capital.

Martti Helde’s Skandinaavia vaikus (Scandinavian Silence) tells the story of a brother and sister who reunite after the former’s release from prison, where he served time for causing their parents’ car accident. We join them as they drive through the autumn landscape and the reasons for the crime begin to become apparent.

Written by Helde (who is best known for his massive festival hit In the Crosswind [+see also:
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interview: Martti Helde
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) and English-born Nathaniel Price, the film will explore the themes of guilt and forgiveness in a minimalist style. The film’s producer is Elina Litvinova, and the film studio is Three Brothers.

Lauri Lagle’s debut film, Portugal, sees a woman plan to take her family south for the summer. But when she becomes suspicious of her husband’s behaviour, her life will take a completely new turn. The story is a sensitive yet tense work that follows the different stages of love, and examines the paradox of loving people for who they were and who they will become.

The movie was written by Lagle, and the producers are Tiina Saavi and Ivo Felt. The studio is Allfilm.

“Both winning films are characterised by a strong and unique authorial vision, and the ability to use limited means to express something important about human nature,” said Piret Tibbo-Hudgins, head of production at the EFI.

The films will be ready in autumn 2017.

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