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Total production activity in the Netherlands grew to €136.9 million in 2015


- The Netherlands Film Fund has revealed the figures relating to the Dutch film industry in 2015

Total production activity in the Netherlands grew to €136.9 million in 2015
Will Koopman’s Viper’s Nest 2 was the most-seen Dutch film of 2015

The Netherlands Film Fund (NFF) has officially launched the figures for the Dutch film industry in 2015; the year ended up being a successful period, boasting an industry bustling with activity.

According to the data announced, total production activity grew to €136.9 million. Total revenues increased for the first time in five years, fuelled by a strong box office and VoD growth.

Production increased in 2015. The Netherlands Film Production Incentive granted 80 film projects €17.3 million in cash rebates, and the country is increasingly being chosen as a co-production partner, a location for shoots and a place to post-produce films (the number of features with foreign financing jumped from 17 to 27 between 2014 and 2015). Besides 55 feature films, 19 feature-length documentaries, 12 short animations, 22 experimental films and 11 Fund-supported shorts were shot.

As far as box-office results are concerned, for the first time in five years, the admissions per capita in the Netherlands increased slightly: there were 1.9 theatre visits per person in 2015. Fifty-five Dutch feature films (including minority co-productions) were released in 2015, three more than in 2014. On average, these features reached an audience of 122,626 people. But with 6.2 million admissions, the domestic market share in the Netherlands reached 18.8%, which represents a small drop compared to 2014.

The 20 most-seen films collectively accounted for a relatively high 45.7% of the yearly box-office total, which reached €126 million. For the second year running, the best-performing domestic title was Viper’s Nest 2 [+see also:
film profile
, attracting over two million visitors in total (818,000 in 2015), followed by Admiral [+see also:
film profile
with 693,000 viewers, and Yes I Do! with 368,000.

Click here to read the full NFF report.

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