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The results are in for the first 2016 session of the CCA’s Selection Committee


- 38 projects will be supported, including actor François Damiens’ directorial debut, and directors Lucas Belvaux’s and John Shank’s next films

The results are in for the first 2016 session of the CCA’s Selection Committee
Actor and director François Damiens

During the first 2016 session of the Film Selection Committee (CSF) of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s Film and Audiovisual Centre (CCA), support was promised for the writing, development or production of 16 feature-film projects, nine shorts, 12 documentaries and one experimental film, for an overall total of €3,115,250.

François Damiens will play a leading role both in front of and behind the camera in his directorial debut, Dany. The film features Damiens as a father who, after serving his prison sentence, is reunited with his 12-year-old son. Lucas Belvaux’s latest project, This Is Our Land, is also among those chosen. Shooting for the film is currently under way in northern France, and the movie follows Pauline, a devoted mother and exemplary nurse, who has accepted a nomination as a candidate for a nationalist party in the upcoming local elections. It features Emilie Dequenne, who worked with Belvaux for Not My Type [+see also:
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, as well as André Dussollier, Catherine Jacob, Anne Marivin and Patrick Descamps (read the news). Both projects are being produced by Artémis Production.

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John Shank’s project for Tarantula has also been selected. Following his first film as a solo director, Last Winter [+see also:
interview: John Shank
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, the filmmaker will team up with Anna Falguères to co-direct Pompei, a story about love put to the test by poverty. Shank has once again cast his pet actor, Vincent Rottiers.

The CSF has also offered post-completion support to Je suis resté dans les bois, an out-of-the-box project co-directed by trio Vincent Solheid, Erika Sainte and Michael Bier, and produced by Eklektik. Another of the production outfit’s projects has also been selected for production aid: Stefano Pasetto’s Le sang de ton sang, a family drama set in Argentina. 

The CSF has selected four projects at the writing stage: Electric Indigo by Jean-Julien Colette (staged by Cookies Films), Christophe HermansLa Ruche (staged by Frakas), Emmanuel Marre’s Rien à foutre (le monde n’attend pas) and Sous la glace by Zeno Graton. The CCA will also support the following projects in development: Eric d’Agostino’s L‘Ecrivain, produced by Popiul, and Vero Cratzborn’s Les Châtelains, produced by Iota Productions

Finally, as part of the joint CCA/VAF committee, two films, which are currently shooting, have been selected – Michael Roskam’s Le Fidèle (read the news) and Sahim Omar Kalifa’s Zagros [+see also:
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(read the news).

(Translated from French)

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