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Serbia funds new projects by Srdan Golubović and Nikola Ležaić


- Film Center Serbia has split almost €1.9 million among six fiction and ten documentary feature-length projects

Serbia funds new projects by Srdan Golubović and Nikola Ležaić
Director Srdan Golubović

Film Center Serbia (FCS) has announced that at its latest competition for funding feature-length films, it has split a total of €1,883,013 (RSD 232,500,000) among six fiction and ten documentary projects. 

The winners in the fiction category are Tilva Ros [+see also:
film profile
director Nikola Ležaić with Religija noćnih šetnji (lit. “Religion of Night Walks”), produced by Nikola Ležaić PR Qče and backed with €405,239; Circles [+see also:
film review
film focus
interview: Nikola Rakocevic
interview: Srdan Golubovic
festival scope
film profile
director Srdan Golubović with Otac (lit. “Father”), produced by Baš Čelik and supported with €243,157; No One's Child [+see also:
film review
film profile
writer-director Vuk Ršumović and Montevideo, Taste of a Dream director Dragan Bjelogrlić with Čuvari formule (lit. “Keepers of the Formula”), produced by Kobra Film and backed to the tune of €405,239; The Life and Death of a Porno Gang director Mladen Djordjević with Ilijin povratak (lit. “Ilija's Return”), produced by Corona Film and backed with €243,157; the writing-directing team behind the blockbuster Little BuddhoDimitrije Vojnov and Danilo Bećković, with Samurai in Autumn, produced by Little Buddho and supported with €162,134; and Stado, written by Nebojša Romčević and directed by Goran Gajić, which is being produced by K-12 and is receiving funding of €162,134.

(The article continues below - Commercial information)

The documentary titles that have been allocated funding are Nebeska tema by Mladen Matičević, produced by Starhill (€48,632); Panta rei by Ljubiša Samardžić, produced by Cinema Design (€24,315); Boogie i demoni by Ivan Šiljak, produced by Mikiјeva radionica - Milan Kilibarda PR (€16,209); Rokopisac by Milan Nikodijević, produced by Arbos (€16,209); Kruška by Jovan Todorović, produced by Emote (€24,315); Trans* Srbija by Milina Trišić and Nada Stevanović, produced by Milina Trišić PR Day Dream Studio (€24,315); Ultra munze konza by Jelena Maksimović and Dušan Grubin, produced by Edukativno-naučna filmska mreža (€28,375); Poslednja reprezentacija by Jure Pavlović, produced by Wake Up Films (€40,535); Mathauzen 106621 by Darko Bajić, produced by Magična Linija (€24,315); and Zašto je Dragan napravio orkestar by Nikola Spasić, produced by Inkubator multimediјalne umetnosti i kreativnih industriјa – REZON (€16,209).

The FCS has also announced that another public competition for feature-film funding will open on 22 August and a project development competition on 24 June.


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