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Iqbal Farooq returns to save the neighbourhood from criminals


- The charming, inventive, fun-loving Copenhagen boy, whose first film took over 200,000 admissions, will soon be ready with new, thrilling adventures

Iqbal Farooq returns to save the neighbourhood from criminals
Iqbal Farooq (Hircano Soares) with his friend Sille (Liv Leman Brandorf) and his younger brother Tariq (Arien Alexander Takiar) (© Per Arnesen)

When Iqbal Farooq – the hero of Danish author Manu Sareen’s best-selling series of children’s books – made his big-screen debut in Danish director Tilde Harkamp’s 2015 feature, Iqbal Farooq and the Secret Recipe [+see also:
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, the story of how Iqbal, his friend Sille and younger brother Tariq blew up their school by mistake sold more than 200,000 tickets in the local cinemas.

In the sequel, Iqbal & The Superchip [+see also:
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– which will shoot between 25 July and 9 September on location in Copenhagen – they are fighting two criminals who are pretending to instigate a renovation of their Blågårdsgade neighbourhood in order to get their hands on all the oil that has been discovered in the ground.

Sareen, who has so far published eight books about the charming, inventive, fun-loving Iqbal, has again delivered the plot for Renée Toft Simonsen to script, and the film will be Danish writer-director Oliver Zahle’s (whose credits include the Pendlerkids TV series) feature debut. “We want to tell a story that makes a serious point about friendship and the true values of life, without losing the lightness and the comedy of the Iqbal universe – entertainment with something at its heart,” explained Zahle, who has also written several books for children.

Hircano Soares will return as Iqbal, Liv Leman Brandorf as Sille and Arien Takiar as Tariq. The criminals are played by Rasmus Bjerg and Andreas Bo Pedersen, and the cast also includes Moowgliie Duissara, Runi Lewerissa, Sara Massoudi, Dar Salim, Sarah Hermansen and Patricia Schumann.

Produced by Mikael Olsen and Christian Potalivo for Miso Film, the €2.4 million project is being staged with TV2 Danmark and Danish major Nordisk Film, and is supported by the Danish Film Institute. Nordisk has secured the Scandinavian distribution and set the local premiere for 15 December.

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