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Lazio Cinema International for the new films by Veronesi, Placido, Torre and Chiarini


- 17 film and audiovisual co-production projects with France, Belgium, Germany and other countries eligible for funding from the new €10 million fund

Lazio Cinema International for the new films by Veronesi, Placido, Torre and Chiarini
Director Giovanni Veronesi, Sergio Rubini and Filippo Scicchitano on the set of Non è un paese per giovani

The latest films by Roberta Torre, Valerio Mieli, Michele Placido, Duccio Chiarini, Giovanni Veronesi, Marco Amenta, Susanna Nicchiarelli and Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, to name but the most famous, are among the 17 film and audiovisual co-production projects awarded funding from the Lazio Cinema International fund 2015, the new €10 million fund that the Lazio Region has set up to support international co-productions. 

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The regional funding provided under the 2015 call for tenders equals  €6.8 million, generating an overall investment of over €75.5 million. 57 applications for the non-repayable funding were received (46 film co-productions and 12 audiovisual co-productions), and funding was awarded to 12 films, two TV dramas, two documentaries and one animated TV series. The foreign countries involved in the co-productions are France (9 co-productions), Belgium (4), Germany (3), Iceland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom (1). The locations in the Lazio region where filming has or will take place range from Rome, Sabaudia, Civitavecchia, Latina, Viterbo, Bomarzo and Bolsena, to Sabina, Casamari Abbey, the thermal baths of Cotilia, and the sanctuaries of Greccio and Trisulti.

The beneficiaries are Agidi (Riccardo va all’inferno, Italy/France, directed by Roberta Torre), Bibi Film Tv (Ricordi?, Italy/France, directed by Valerio Mieli), Casanova Multimedia (Ugly Nasty People, Italy/France/Belgium, directed by Cosimo Gomez), Eurofilm (Terra e Cielo, Italy/Belgium, directed by Marco Amenta), Goldenart Production (7 minuti [+see also:
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interview: Michele Placido
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, Italy/France, Michele Placido), Graphilm (Nefertina sul Nilo, Italy/France, directed by Maurizio Forestieri), Luxvide Finanziaria (I Medici, Italy/France, directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan), Mood Film (L’ospite, Italy/France, directed by Duccio Chiarini, and La vita ti arriva addosso, Italy/Germany/Iceland, directed by Paolo Sassanelli), Paco Cinematografica (Non è un paese per giovani, Italy/Spain, directed by Giovanni Veronesi, and Il flauto magico, Italy/France, Mario Tronco e Fabrizio Bentivoglio), Palomar (Maltese – Romanzo di un commissario, Italy/Germany/Czech Republic, directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli), Partner Media Investment (Hannah [+see also:
film profile
,Italy/Belgium, directed by Andrea Pallaoro), SD Cinematografica (Le vie del tempo, Italy/Germany, directed by Daniele Cini), Urania Pictures (Burraco fatale, Italy/France, directed by Giuliana Gamba), Verdeoro (Rafael, Italy/the Netherlands/Belgium, directed by Dutch filmmaker Ben Sombogaart) and Vivo Film (Nico, 1988, Italy/United Kingdom, directed by Susanna Nicchiarelli).

(Translated from Italian)

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