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DigiTraining Plus 2016: "What do you do with digital now you've got it?"


- The MEDIA Salles training convention on digital cinema will be held for the first time in Italy this year (Taormina, 29 June - 3 July)

DigiTraining Plus 2016: "What do you do with digital now you've got it?"

Summer 2016 begins with a special breath of fresh air for experts in the audiovisual sector all over Europe. Over 40 of them will be taking part in the 13th edition of DigiTraining Plus, the MEDIA Salles training convention on digital cinema, held for the first time in Italy this year.

From 29 June to 3 July, the splendid setting of Taormina, not only the Pearl of the Ionian Coast, but also a prime cinema location, will host a series of seminars at the Palazzo dei Congressi, in which lecturers and international experts in the cinema sector will help course participants to find their way in the world of digital. The course will be attended by participants from the Continent's various regions, from Finland to Spain, France to Hungary, obviously taking in Italy and other countries, as well.

The objective of the course, held in English, is to provide the exhibitors, representatives from the sector's associations, programmers and technicians taking part with the answer to the question quoted in the course's subtitle: "What do you do with digital, now you've got it?" Whilst the initial stage in this phenomenon, i.e. the digitization of European screens, can be declared more or less over, what remains to be tackled is a general change in mentality, as well as a range of new issues and opportunities that now arise for movie theatres, particularly small and medium-sized ones.

By means of group work and the exchange of positive experiences, DigiTraining Plus 2016 will ensure that the industry workers taking part receive international-level training, with attention to topics such as: the role of digital theatres as tools for territorial promotion and the encouragement of tourism, new models of programming and innovative policies for building the audiences of the future, integration with the social media, new financial tools and environmental impact.

DigiTraining Plus is an initiative by MEDIA Salles, which has been involved in the organization of training courses for European exhibitors since 2002, thanks to the support of the European Union and the Italian Government. The Sicilian stage in this journey has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of ANEC Sicily and the Special Office for the Cinema - sector for Tourism, Sport and Entertainment, of the Sicilian Regional Authorities, in the context of the programme Sensi Contemporanei (Contemporary Senses).

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