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An international cast for Ulysses by Federico Alotto


- Filming is under way in Turin for Federico Alotto’s psychological thriller, which is based on Homer’s classic and features Danny Glover and Udo Kier alongside the protagonist Andrea Zirio

An international cast for Ulysses by Federico Alotto
Anamaria Marinca, Federico Alotto, Danny Glover, Andrea Zirio, Paolo Tenna (CEO of FIP), Francesca Leon (Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Turin), Paolo Damilano (president of FCTP), and Paolo Manera (director at FCTP)

Filming is under way in Turin until 3 August for Ulysses – A Dark Odyssey by Federico Alotto, a feature film based on Homer’s classic with an international cast featuring the likes of American actor Danny Glover and German Udo Kier, who is something of a cult symbol since working with directors of the calibre of RW Fassbinder, Gus van Sant, Werner Herzog, Dario Argento and, above all, Lars von Trier. The two stars feature alongside Turin-born actor Andrea Zirio. The cast is completed by Anamaria Marinca (Florida [+see also:
film profile
 by Philippe Le Guay), Cassandra Gava, Gianni Capaldi, Jessika Polsky and Christopher Jones. 

Andrea Zirio plays a modern Ulysses: a solider by profession, he returns from the front line bearing scars from the war on his body and soul. This was a war he tries to forget. The Odyssey of his journey brings him to a Turin of corrupt and psychedelic beauty, full of bewitching animals, inner demons, and mysterious figures that follow him right up until his last inevitable choice. 

The storyline for Ulysses was conceived by Andrea Zirio and Federico Alotto, whilst the screenplay was written by James Coyne (who is currently writing Sherlock Holmes 3, set to start filming at the end of 2016), Alotto, and Zirio. The film is being produced by Turin-based company Adrama S.r.l. with support in the form of advice on tax credits from FIP Film Investimenti Piemonte, funding from FCTP – Film Commission of Turin and Piedmont, and in association with Banca del Piemonte. The production company – a start-up launched by five young kids from Turin (Andrea Zirio, Federico Alotto, Vanina Bianco, Alessia Pratolongo and Thomas Tinker) – is also working with entrepreneur Alberto Sola, a ‘business angel’ who has believed in the project right from the start.

"The film is an important project – stated Paolo Damilano, the president of FCTP – because of its impact on the local area (injecting some estimated €400,000 into the local economy), its wide involvement of local professionals (with an entirely Piedmontese crew, including director of photography Davide Borsa, set designer Giada Cerbone, sound engineer Marco Montano, and costume designer Agostino Porchietto), the way it promotes interesting locations, some of which are original and have never been used before, but above all, because it is ambitious challenge for young emerging talents raised in the area, with experience of short films, independent productions and the many sets established over recent years".

(Translated from Italian)

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