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Christian De Sica and Enrico Brignano on the set of the new Fausto Brizzi film


- The shoot for Poveri ma ricchi kicked off two days ago in Rome; the Wildside and Warner Bros production will hit Italian screens at Christmas

Christian De Sica and Enrico Brignano on the set of the new Fausto Brizzi film
Director Fausto Brizzi

Two days ago, the shoot kicked off in Rome for the new movie by Fausto Brizzi, Poveri ma ricchi [+see also:
film profile
(lit. “Poor but Rich”). The tireless director of Notte prima degli esami [+see also:
film profile
and Maschi contro femmine [+see also:
film review
making of
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, besides countless others – and whose latest film, Forever Young [+see also:
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, landed in theatres last March – will bring a pair of performers who have never before acted together to the big screen: the king of the Italian Christmas blockbuster, Christian De Sica, and popular comedian Enrico Brignano. They will be flanked by Lucia Ocone and Lodovica Comello, with a special appearance by Anna Mazzamauro.

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The story, penned by Brizzi with his regular writing partner Marco Martani, revolves around the Tuccis, a poor family from a small village in Lazio. They comprise a father, a mother, a narcissistic daughter and a highly intelligent son, who is forced to feign stupidity in order to keep in step with the rest of his family. They also live with a lazy botanist of a brother-in-law and their grandmother, who is addicted to television series. One day, out of the blue, the Tuccis win 100 million euros. Beside themselves with excitement, they decide to keep their winnings a secret, but as is often the way in these situations, the head of the family accidentally spills the beans with a careless remark, and the Tuccis have no choice but to run away, before they are harassed by their so-called friends and acquaintances. But once they have arrived in their new home, Milan, they realise that times have changed: the millionaires are all keeping a low profile, they eat very little, if anything at all, they are environmentalists, they give to charity, they stay in shape, and they go on bike rides or pootle around in little electric cars. Being a rich person today is a right pain in the neck. 

Produced by Wildside and Warner Bros Entertainment Italia, Poveri ma ricchi will be filmed over an eight-week period in Rome and Milan. The cinematography has been entrusted to Marcello Montarsi, the editing to Luciana Pandolfelli, the production design to Stilde Ambruzzi and Roberta Amodio, and the costumes to Mariano Tufano. The movie will come out on 15 December, courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures.

(Translated from Italian)

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