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The Wallonia-Brussels Federation supports 37 new film projects


- Gérard Corbiau’s long-awaited comeback and the directorial debut of the Renier brothers feature on the programme of the Film Selection Committee’s second session of 2016

The Wallonia-Brussels Federation supports 37 new film projects
Director Gérard Corbiau

At the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film Selection Committee (CSF)’s second session of 2016, writing, development or production aid has been granted to 14 feature-length fiction projects, nine short films, 14 documentaries and one animated fiction for TV, totalling more than €2.7 million.

The CSF will support the production of three feature debuts. Little is known about the first film by the Renier brothers, Jérémie and Yannick, both talented actors who are getting stuck into writing-directing with a story of not brotherly, but sisterly rivalry… The title, Carnivores, hints at a fairly dark undertone. The movie will be produced by another pair of brothers, the Dardennes, with their firm Les Films du Fleuve

Another feature debut receiving backing is Le Cœur Noir des Forêts by Serge Mirzabekiantz, produced by Hélicotronc. Meanwhile, Marc Desmare will receive post-completion support for Dago Cassandra, a fantasy-thriller being produced by Stempel.

The second feature by Sylvestre Sbille (I’ll Bury You [+see also:
film profile
) will also be granted production aid. Today We Live portrays an episode from World War II during December 1944, as the German counteroffensive is under way in the Belgian Ardennes. The film is an adaptation of Emmanuelle Pirotte’s bestseller of the same name and is being produced by Panache Productions

The long-awaited comeback of Gérard Corbiau (The Music Teacher, Farinelli, The King Is Dancing) is also on the horizon – he is making a return to fiction with La Plage d’Ostende, a passionate love story set in a society that is not prepared to accept relationships that are out of the ordinary. The film is being staged by To Do Today Production and is another adaptation of an eponymous novel – this time one by Jacqueline Harpmann. 

Last but not least, standing out among the projects benefiting from writing support is Juliette, the second film by Vania Leturcq (L’Année Prochaine [+see also:
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(Translated from French)

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