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Europe and Latin America strengthen their cinematographic cooperation structures


- The European Film Agency Directors (EFADs) and the Conference of Ibero-American Cinematographic Authorities (CACI) deepened their partnership in San Sebastián

Europe and Latin America strengthen their cinematographic cooperation structures
The team behind Los días según ellos, the project that won the EFADs-CACI Award

On 18 September, representatives of the EFADs and CACI gathered to discuss opportunities for joint film distribution and funding by the European Union. The first meeting was held in Toulouse last March and continued with exchanges of knowledge in Cannes, and the agencies of European and Latin American cinema confirmed their willingness to work together in the future and to establish a solid relationship based around the exchange of information.

The meeting aimed to achieve a greater understanding of the MEDIA programme and its potential to promote audiovisual cooperation between Europe and Latin America, and to allow synergies between the two areas, including market access, training, festivals, co-productions, funding and online distribution, among others. Distribution will be the main focus of the partnership over the coming months. The EFADs and CACI will have the European Commission as a common ground to exchange their medium-term views about the Creative Europe programme, and to address other issues and bring their points of view closer.

Film literacy was also a cornerstone for the association on 19 September at the meeting of the EFADs, which was attended by Jorge Sanchez, representative of the CACI and director of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography. And on 21 September, the EFADs-CACI partnership was reinforced during a round-table on 'A Film Affair': a stimulus for co-production between Europe and Latin America that was organised by the fifth Forum on Co-production between Europe and Latin America, where participants had the opportunity to discuss the possibilities of betting on joint projects between the two regions.

The next meeting between the two institutions will take place at the Berlinale in February 2017. But before that, a representative of the EFADs will meet with CACI in Valparaiso, Chile, no later than 15 November 2016.

On 21 September, the first prize of the association between EFADs and CACI was handed to an impressive result of co-production between Europe and Latin America: Los días según ellos. The project is led by Spaniard Juan Pablo Felix and is being produced by Utópica Cine (Argentina/Spain/France), and it chronicles an adventure that unfolds on the border between Argentina and Bolivia. It will be released in 2017.

The project has received €20,000 of investment aimed at encouraging collaboration and artistic production between the two regions. The project selection was carried out by an independent jury: Alex Trăilă, Ministry of Culture of Romania (on behalf of EFADs); Pierre-Emile Vandoorne, Ministry of Culture of Peru (on behalf of CACI); and Fernanda del Nido, Setembro Film (representative of the San Sebastián Film Festival).

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