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Rocco Papaleo and Laura Morante are Bob & Marys


- The shoot for Francesco Prisco's sophomore feature is under way in Naples; this outlandish crime comedy is based on a true story and stars an odd couple of actors

Rocco Papaleo and Laura Morante are Bob & Marys
Rocco Papaleo and Laura Morante

An odd couple of actors, Rocco Papaleo and Laura Morante, are set to star in an outlandish crime comedy based on a true story: the shoot for Bob & Marys, the sophomore feature by Francesco Prisco (Nottetempo [+see also:
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), has just got going in Naples and will continue for five weeks.

Bob & Marys is being produced by Elsinore Film and Ares Film. Papaleo and Morante play a couple who have been married for over 30 years: he is a driving instructor and she is a volunteer worker, and they live in a harmonious state of mundane routine. That is, until one night, when a group of hardened criminals breaks into their house and fills it with packages containing a mysterious, but undoubtedly illegal, substance. The hapless couple are forced to look after the illicit goods in their house, with no means of reporting the gang to the police. But as the days go by, under the watchful eyes of the crooks and careful to avoid the indiscreet stares of the whole neighbourhood, the husband and wife start to realise that this incredible and nefarious misadventure has given them back that spark that had been missing from their relationship for decades. The two leads are flanked by some of Naples' finest actors, such as Massimiliano Gallo, Giovanni Esposito, Gianni Ferreri, Francesco Di Leva and Simona Tabasco.

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