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The King had no choice: Børning 2 is in the lead in Norway


- Hallvard Bræin’s action-comedy took 55,834 admissions on its first day – the strongest opening ever for a Norwegian film

The King had no choice: Børning 2 is in the lead in Norway
Børning 2: On Ice by Hallvard Bræin

Norwegian director-cinematographer Hallvard Bræin’s action-comedy Børning 2: On Ice [+see also:
interview: Hallvard Bræin
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broke records on its opening day (12 October) – with a 55,834-strong audience, it recorded the strongest opening ever for a Norwegian film, according to local distributor SF Studios. After its first weekend, it had reached 118,826 admissions, relegating Norwegian director Erik Poppe’s The King’s Choice [+see also:
film review
interview: Erik Poppe
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to second place. Until that moment, Poppe’s feature had racked up this year’s best result, with 117,000 tickets sold.

Bræin’s first Børning [+see also:
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, his feature-length directorial debut, was inspired by the American Cannonball Run series from the 1980s, following an illegal motor race from Oslo to North Cape. The film sold 382,000 tickets in Norwegian theatres two years ago, to become number one on the local releases chart.

Scripted by Anne Elvedal and Linn-Jeanethe Kyed, and starring Anders Baasmo ChristiansenIda Husøy and Sven Nordin, Børning 2 sends the racing-mad drivers from the west coast of Norway, through Sweden and Finland on both snow and ice, to Murmansk in Russia.

Last week (17-23 October), Børning 2 sold 96,045 tickets, reaching a total of 313,892 since its premiere. The King’s Choice sold 61,983, contributing to its total of 576,094 since its 23 September opening, according to statistics published by Norwegian cinema association Film & Kino. Norwegian films have this year controlled 20.2% of the market, as against 17.5% in 2015.

Here is the list of Norway’s top five (as of 25 October): The King’s Choice (576,094 admissions), Me Before You (406,740 admissions), Ice Age 5 (378,355 admissions), Børning 2 (313,892 admissions), Deadpool (312,695 admissions).

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