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From the top of YouTube to Norwegian cinemas


- Norwegian comedians Preben Fjell and Dennis Vareide are now ready with their first feature, Prebz og Dennis: The Movie

From the top of YouTube to Norwegian cinemas
Martin Schanke, Preben Fjell and Dennis Vereide in Prebz and Dennis: The Movie

”We look forward to moving into cinema. This is a film our YouTube followers will love, and which will delight everyone who loves humour on the big screen,” said Norwegian comedians Preben Fjell and Dennis Vereide, aka Prebz and Dennis, about their first feature, Prebz og Dennis: The Movie, which will be released in Norway on 7 April 2017. 

With their sidekicks, Sondre Mogård and Ruben Vareide (the younger brother), in 2012 they started working on a show that made them Norway’s top YouTube stars. Prebz started on his own, but when he met Dennis, they moved into a commune in Bamle together with Mogård and Vareide, where they made their YouTube videos. 

Since their YouTube success, they have had their own programmes on State-owned Norwegian radio broadcaster NRK P3 and commercial broadcasters TV2 and TV3; Prebz og Dennis: The Movie is being made by Norwegian screenwriter and director Kaspar Synnevåg, a London Film School graduate who has so far made five shorts. 

Written by Synnevåg and Henrik Hylland Uhlvig, and produced by Trond Gullaksen for Bergen’s North Sea Productions, the comedy – which is about ”friendship, love and competition between friends” – follows Preben and Dennis, who are in Iceland among the volcanos, where a local fortune-teller has told them that something terrible is going to happen.

At the same time, Preben is about to meet his biggest challenge ever: climbing a mountain with a 60kg backpack; Dennis and his friends are helping him with the preparations, while Dennis himself is having problems with his girlfriend. Norway’s Nordisk Film Distribusjon will release the film in Norway.

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