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FFF Bayern supports Stefan Ruzowitzky, Detlev Buck and Ralf Huettner


- The Bavaria film fund green lights projects with a total of €2 million

FFF Bayern supports Stefan Ruzowitzky, Detlev Buck and Ralf Huettner
Director Stefan Ruzowitzky

Renowned German talents such as Austrian Academy-award-winning director Stefan Ruzowitzky (The Counterfeiters [+see also:
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), Detlev Buck (Tough Enough [+see also:
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) and Ralf Huettner (Vincent Wants to Sea [+see also:
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) are among the filmmakers whose new projects have been green lighted by the FFF Bayern. In total, the Bavaria film fund is supporting 19 projects with €2 million. 

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German writer/director Detlev Buck will adapt short story Der Schlüssel by Ferdinand von Schirach penned together with Constantin Lieb and Cüneyt Kaya in Gorillas. The modern mobster story Gorillas is about a young man who doesn‘t want to be his boss’ stooge anymore, and makes a promising deal that has unexpected consequences. Produced by Olga Film, Gorillas received200,000.

After bringing children’s book Burg Schreckenstein to success on screen, Ralf Huettner is shooting another adventure film that takes place in a boarding school. For the sequel Burg Schreckenstein und der chinesische Drache, Roxy Film Produktion got a cash injection of €730,000.

Meanwhile, Stefan Ruzowitzky will team up with Munich film students Philipp Leinemann and Michael Krummenacher for drama series Acht Tage (Eight Days), in which an asteroid threatens to destroy huge parts of the earth. Told from the point of view of an ordinary German family, the eight episodes will show what really matters for people in a pre-apocalyptic world. With Sky Germany and Beta Film as partners on board, Munich-based production company Neuesuper has received €350,000 in production support.

Furthermore, the FFF Bayern has supported various films in which the protagonists are longing for a better life. The Hager Moss Film production Auf der Flucht by Kai Wessel is about a German family that tries to escape to Africa by the year 2032, as Europe descends into chaos. Tellux Next, ZDF and Arte received €113,000 funding for the documentary Black China by Inigo Westmeier which follows African immigrants who are going to China because they hope to have a better life there.

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