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La maniobra de la tortuga to be made into a film


- Juan Miguel del Castillo, who made his debut with Food and Shelter, will turn Benito Olmo’s novel of the same name into a thriller on the silver screen

La maniobra de la tortuga to be made into a film
Director Juan Miguel del Castillo

The city of Cádiz and its surroundings will serve as the backdrop for the plot of La maniobra de la Tortuga (lit. “The Tortoise Manoeuvre”), the film adaptation of the intriguing novel by Cádiz-born author Benito Olmo, which is currently being prepared for production. Jerez native Juan Miguel del Castillo will direct the movie, offering an unusual vision of the aforementioned locations, a world away from their image as tourist-friendly, sun-drenched holiday destinations. With his feature debut, Food and Shelter [+see also:
interview: Juan Miguel del Castillo
film profile
, Del Castillo entrusted a major role to Natalia de Molina, thus giving her career an enormous boost; she raked in myriad awards, ranging from the Málaga Film Festival’s Silver Biznaga (read more) to the Goya for Best Actress (read the news).

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The main character in La maniobra de la tortuga is the morose inspector Manuel Bianquetti, who is in the middle of an investigation into the murder of a 16-year-old girl when he relocates from Madrid to start a new job: the body of the girl, of Colombian heritage, has turned up in a dumpster in Cádiz, showing clear signs that she was raped. This discovery soon becomes an obsession for the brash police inspector, who is not afraid to break the law or ignore orders from his superiors in order to root out the perpetrator (or perpetrators), although his past and his own imagination may well be starting to play dirty tricks on him. A woman he knows who was abused in the past will have a huge influence on events.

The production of this filmic indictment denouncing gender-based violence is being staged by Marta Velasco (a Producer on the Move in 2014 – read the interview), of Áralan Films, a Seville-based production outfit that already tackled thorny social issues in Innocent Killers [+see also:
film profile
, directed by Gonzalo Bendala, and Los niños salvajes [+see also:
film profile
by Patricia Ferreira. Both the producer and the director found Benito Olmo’s original novel gripping and said they were enthralled by the topic it addresses, set in surroundings they love, hence their decision to purchase the rights to the book and get started with the pre-production of the movie version.

(Translated from Spanish)

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