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Marian Crişan in development with Berliner


- The director intends to shoot his political feature in the spring of 2018

Marian Crişan in development with Berliner
Director Marian Crişan

Romanian director Marian Crişan is now in development with his fourth fiction feature, Berliner. Produced by Mandragora and Anca Puiu, the project is eyeing spring next year for principal photography. Mandragora is currently looking for co-production partners in Romania and abroad, and is now negotiating with production companies from the Czech Republic and Germany.

Crişan is currently working on the script he started writing together with Gabriel Andronache. Much like the director’s previous feature, Horizon [+see also:
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, the story is strongly connected to real-life happenings in Romania: it centres on Mocanu, a high-profile politician whose past deeds put him in danger of being convicted for corruption. In order to evade justice, Mocanu runs in the elections for the European Parliament, a seat that would grant him immunity. Mocanu goes to Salonta, a small town in Transylvania, where he tries to convince the voters he is the right person to represent them. To make him more popular, his staff suggests he lives with an ordinary family from Salonta, a decision that has unexpected effects on Mocanu’s future political and personal life. 

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No actors have been chosen yet. Crişan plans to shoot next spring in his native Salonta, for 30 to 35 days. The budget amounts to approximately €900,000. The Romanian National Film Centre is supporting the film to the tune of €273,000.

Crişan tells Cineuropa that his main purpose in making Berliner is to “study the politician – a type of person we only see on TV – as a film character. No matter how realistic, a film is a film. It’s a game, a tissue, and a character is written and worked on over many months, first by the screenwriter, and then by the director. Berliner speaks primarily about human nature. Even if the character is a politician, he has feelings, emotions and a private life. The film can be described as a comedy – as Morgen [+see also:
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[Crişan’s debut feature, winner of the Special Jury Prize at Locarno in 2010] was – but my main purpose is not exactly to make a comedy.”

According to Crişan, Berliner may be released domestically in the autumn of 2018 or in the spring of 2019.

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