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Four majority Belgian projects selected for Wallimage’s first session of 2017


- The Son of Bigfoot, the new 3D animation by Ben Stassen, David Lambert’s new movie, Troisièmes Noces, and two series (La Trêve 2 and Quasi Lucas) are receiving support

Four majority Belgian projects selected for Wallimage’s first session of 2017
Director Ben Stassen (© Cinevox)

Wallimage has chosen to support no fewer than four projects of Belgian initiative during its first session of 2017 – an impressive number, the likes of which we haven’t seen for quite some time. The lucky titles are the new 3D animation by Ben Stassen, The Son of Bigfoot, David Lambert’s third feature, Troisièmes Noces, and two series (La Trêve 2 and Quasi Lucas).

The Son of Bigfoot is the upcoming film by nWave studios, which today can easily compete with the likes of Dreamworks and Pixar in terms of their ability to craft mainstream animations. nWave is thought of as a trailblazer in 3D cinematic production, and already has a proven track record in this field thanks to such movies as Fly Me to the Moon [+see also:
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, Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage [+see also:
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, The House of Magic [+see also:
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and last year’s Crusoe [+see also:
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. So far, three nWave films have taken more than ten million admissions worldwide; their other animated films have all smashed through the five-million-admissions mark or are about to do so, making the studio a major player in this particular area of audiovisual entertainment. 

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Troisièmes noces is the third feature by David Lambert and is a social comedy adapted from the novel of the same name by Tom Lanoye, starring Bouli Lanners and Virginie Hocq. The movie is being produced by Frakas in Belgium and Bidibul in Luxembourg, with a co-production by Canada into the bargain (via EMA Films). The shoot will begin in March.

On the series side of things, Wallimage couldn’t really not board La Trêve 2. Once again, Hélicotronc is producing, this time with a more substantial budget, and this second season will likely involve pretty much the same cast and crew as the first. In it, we will follow the new adventures of inspector Peeters, played by Yoann Blanc, who has just been awarded the Magritte for Best Male Newcomer (see the news). Wallimage will also be backing Quasi Lucas, a show with a shorter format (25 x 7-minute episodes), and the first live-action, French-language Belgian series aimed at youngsters produced in French-speaking Belgium in the last 40 years, staged by relatively new company Neverland. 

Lastly, Wallimage is throwing its weight behind three international co-productions: the third season of Versailles, which will be co-produced in Belgium by Entre Chien et Loup; The Cell, a series of ten ten-minute episodes for France Télévision and the web, staged by Belvision; and the Norwegian movie The Spy, a historical film co-produced by Scope Pictures.

(Translated from French)

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