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The Dutch film industry enjoys growing international appeal


- Research focused on the period July 2014-December 2016 shows that every euro granted by the Netherlands Film Production Incentive scheme generated Dutch spending of €4.77

The Dutch film industry enjoys growing international appeal

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive has contributed to reinforcing the international competitiveness of the Dutch film industry as a whole, according to an independent piece of research commissioned by the Netherlands Film Fund, which analyses the period between July 2014 (when the incentive scheme came into force) and December 2016.

During that period, 181 film projects (including fiction features, documentaries and animations) were supported with almost €42 million, which led to Dutch production spending of €198.8 million. Every euro granted by the incentive scheme generated Dutch spending of €4.77.

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Of the €198.8 million spent on film production in the Netherlands, €145.1 million were spent on films directly related to the incentive. Of the 181 film projects supported, 111 (61%) were international co-productions submitted by 72 different applicants, while 70 (39%) were 100% Dutch-funded projects.

The number of companies operating in the Dutch film production sector since 2014 has increased slightly (+2.2%), while the number of employees has increased significantly (+26%). The expectation is that employment in the sector will continue to increase, but not to the extent seen over the past two years.

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive scheme is based on a system of cash rebates intending to increase the attractiveness of the Netherlands for both national and foreign film productions. After the announcement of the results for the first round of 2017 (read more), there are three more application rounds this year (deadlines: 9 May, 29 August and 31 October).

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