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Giorgos Panousopoulos wraps his new film after a 13-year hiatus


- The Greek director is back with S’Ayti Ti Hora Kanis Den Iksere Na Klei, a dreamlike comedy that aims to explore the so-called Greek way of thinking both before and after the crisis

Giorgos Panousopoulos wraps his new film after a 13-year hiatus
Director Giorgos Panousopoulos (© Margarita Nikitaki)

Seasoned director Giorgos Panousopoulos has wrapped the shoot for his eighth feature film, a “dreamlike comedy” entitled S’Ayti Ti Hora Kanis Den Iksere Na Klei (lit. “In This Land Nobody Knew How to Cry”), which is a verse from a popular song written by acclaimed songwriter Akis Panou. This is Panousopoulos’ first film after a 13-year hiatus, his most recent effort being the comedy Testosterone (2004).

The new film takes place exclusively on the idyllic island of Ikaria, which is well known for the exceptionally high life expectancy of its inhabitants and their relaxed philosophy of life. This is the setting for the imaginary island of Armenaki, where a European official, Felix (Serge Requet-Barville), arrives with his assistant Aura (Margarita Panousopoulou) to examine the “investment opportunities”. There, he will fall in love with a powerful widow, Chrysa (Foteini Tsakiri), while Aura meets her old, unrequited love, Italian architect Vitorio (Babis Chatzidakis), who for the past ten years has been a teacher on the island.

Through these two love stories, Panousopoulos, who also wrote the screenplay, tries to introduce a broader audience to the so-called Greek way of thinking and how it has been altered both before and after the financial crisis. Acclaimed director of photography Christos Karamanis (Chevalier [+see also:
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) is handling the cinematography. The rest of the cast includes Valeria ChristodoulidouGiannis HatzigiannisStavros Mermigis and Thanos Pritsas, while many Ikarians also appear in the main roles.

S’Ayti Ti Hora Kanis Den Iksere Na Klei is a Greek-French co-production by Eleni Kossyfidou (Blackbird Production) with Marie-Pierre Macia and Claire Gadea (MPM). The film has also received support from the Greek Film Centre (see the news), the CNCERT SA and NOVA.

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