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I Can Quit Whenever I Want 3: Ad Honorem: The final episode in a hit saga


- Now in Italian theatres with 01 Distribution, the third instalment in the saga helmed by Sydney Sibilia features the same side-splitting cast as the previous episodes

I Can Quit Whenever I Want 3: Ad Honorem: The final episode in a hit saga
Stefano Fresi in I Can Quit Whenever I Want 3: Ad Honorem

I Can Quit Whenever I Want 3: Ad Honorem [+see also:
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marks the return of the “most brilliant minds in circulation”, in the third and final instalment in the mini-saga that began three years ago with the feature debut by director Sydney Sibilia, which grossed €4 million. In it, we are reunited with our heroes exactly where we left them – in jail. They are charged with producing and dealing in illegal substances, armed-gang activities and… holding up a train.

Pietro Zinni (Edoardo Leo), the neurobiologist leader of the gang, is beside himself, as he has realised that the sopox synthesised by his colleague Walter Mercurio (Luigi Lo Cascio), a lecturer in bioinorganic chemistry, is in fact extremely dangerous nerve gas, which the diabolical professor intends to use to avenge the death of his partner by dispatching the upper echelons of the country’s university education system. Only the group can stop him, with the help of the gang’s dangerous criminal nemesis, marine engineer Claudio Felici (Neri Marcorè), aka Il Murena (“The Moray Eel”). Zinni masterminds the well-intentioned break-out of his colleagues, who will make use of their own talents in their escape. They are Mattia Argeri and Giorgio Sironi (Valerio Aprea and Lorenzo Lavia), experts in interpretative semiotics and Latin epigraphy; archaeologist and cartographer Arturo Frantini (Paolo Calabresi); Bartolomeo Bonelli (Libero De Rienzo), an expert in dynamic macroeconomics; computational chemist Alberto Petrelli (Stefano Fresi); Andrea De Sanctis (Pietro Sermonti), a cultural anthropologist; Giulio Bolle (Marco Bonini), a specialist in human anatomy; and Lucio Napoli (Giampaolo Morelli), a mechatronics engineer. Each of them will use their own respective wealth of knowledge to make good their escape. The ensemble cast is rounded off by Greta Scarano and Valeria Solarino, who play a relatively “complicit” policewoman and Zinni’s ex-wife, respectively.

The screenplay was written by the director together with Francesca Manieri and Luigi Di Capua, as was the case for the previous episodes in the series, and it was produced by Groenlandia, a company run by Matteo Rovere (the director of Italian Race [+see also:
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interview: Matteo Rovere
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, and whose “support” is evident here in the most spectacular scenes), and Fandango, with Rai CinemaI Can Quit Whenever I Want 3: Ad Honorem manages to keep up the unexpected freshness and intelligence of the first instalment, which was based on an idea that is more topical than ever: a group of young people with excellent qualifications find themselves forced to eke out a living with low-level jobs and decide to devote themselves to a life of crime. The screenplay is brilliant and abounds with humorous moments, and in addition to this, the whole trilogy boasts a very personal and creative style of direction, with its trademark saturated fluorescent colours (the cinematography was entrusted to the superb Radan Vladovic), syncopated editing (Gianni Vezzosi) and evocative electronic music (the use of the Roland Juno-6, Moog and Korg Polysix) by Michele Braga. The Roman/Central Italian sense of humour exhibited by the majority of the actors is diluted somewhat by the Neapolitan one displayed by the prison governor, Peppe Barra, and Giampaolo Morelli.

The movie hits Italian screens today, courtesy of 01 Distribution.

(Translated from Italian)

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