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LES ARCS 2017 Industry / Awards

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The Les Arcs' Eurimages Lab Project Award goes to Gold Is All There Is


- The film by Italian director Andrea Caccia wins the Eurimages award at the Work in Progress section, Girl by Belgian director Lukas Dhont wins second prize

The Les Arcs' Eurimages Lab Project Award goes to Gold Is All There Is
The organisers and the participants of Les Arcs' Industry Village, including the winners of the Eurimages and Titra Awards (© Pidz/Les Arcs European Film Festival)

The jury (Charles Tesson, Elad Samorzik and Tamara Tatishvili) enlisted to judge the 15 feature films competing at Work in Progress on Monday evening as part of the 9th Industry Village at Les Arcs European Film Festival awarded two prizes.

The Eurimages Lab Project Award, which comes with €50,000 in prize money, went to Gold Is All There Is by Italian director Andrea Caccia. The third feature by the director, following Vedozero [+see also:
film profile
(selected at Rotterdam in 2010) and Life in the Time of Death (screened at Venice in 2010) includes no dialogue and is set in the fantastic scenery of Ticino Natural Park. The plot? A river. A young boy who plays and gets lost in the woods.  A naked man who wanders among the trees. An illegal hunter. A police officer. A crime from the past. And an old gold prospector. Real people, who go about their daily lives in a natural theatre where reality takes on the qualities of a fairy tale, a crime novel, a coming-of-age story.  Five men at different stages of life who never meet yet are all part of one, unique, suspended narration.

Produced by Marco Alessi for Dugong Movies, Gold Is All There Is was co-produced by the Swiss company Rough Cat (Nicola Bernasconi) and the French outfit Picofilms (Penelope Bortoluzzi) with the support of MIBACT, CNC, the Lombardia Film Commission, the Torino Piedmont Film Fund, Ticino Film Commission and the Italian Swiss company IST.

The Titra prize, which is awarded with €10,000 in prize money for image and sound post-production, went to Girl, the debut feature film by the Belgian director Lukas Dhont (read the article here). Having spent time at the Cannes Film Festival Cinefondation residency and the Angers Ateliers, his screenplay focuses on the character of Lara (Victor Polster), a 15-year-old transgender girl born in a boy's body. Her life is dominated by taking hormone blockers and waiting for surgery that will align her sex with her gender identity. Lara's dream is to become a ballerina, but dancing as a female is more challenging than she thought. When she wants to speed up things her own way, the relationship with her father Mathias starts showing cracks and he is forced to take desperate measures.

Produced by Dirk Impens for the Belgian company Menuet, the film was co-produced by fellow Belgians Frakas Productions and the Dutch outfit Topkapi Films.

(Translated from French)

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