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Juana Macías shooting Under the Same Roof


- Comedians Jordi Sánchez and Silvia Abril are placing themselves in the capable hands of the director of Embarazados in a film produced by Feelgood Media and Sony Pictures International Productions

Juana Macías shooting Under the Same Roof
Silvia Abril on the set of Under the Same Roof

The end of January saw the start of the shoot for Under the Same Roof in Madrid, a comedy directed by Juana Macías, who is taking another stab at the genre after her previous effort, Embarazados [+see also:
film profile
. Paco León and Alexandra Jiménez were the undeniable stars of that title, but this time around, the lead roles are played by two different seasoned and guffaw-inducing actors, Jordi Sánchez and Silvia Abril, who play a couple caught in a never-ending battle of the sexes. The producers are Feelgood Media and Sony Pictures International Productions, and the cast is rounded off by Daniel Guzmán, Malena Alterio, Álvaro Cervantes, Cristina Castaño and Ana Morgade.

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According to the screenplay, penned by the Madrilenian filmmaker together with Daniel Corpas, Juan Moreno and Anna R Costa (and which brings to mind The War of the Roses by Danny DeVito), with a divorce half finalised and a mortgage half paid off, the worst nightmare for a couple who are splitting up is to be forced to share a house. When Nadia and Adrián decide to separate after years of cohabitation, they realise that neither of them can afford to leave the house that they bought during the high point of their marriage... And during the peak of the real-estate bubble. Crippled by debt and forced to live together, they end up declaring war on each other and establish their own personal battleground under the same roof.

For the director of Planes para mañana [+see also:
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, “Under the Same Roof is a comedy about one of the most difficult tests that a person can be put through: separating from your partner and having to carry on living with him or her. I was keen on putting two normal people in an extreme situation, one which would be very recognisable but entertaining at the same time, where the reactions of my lead characters would be just as contradictory, outrageous and absurd as life itself. The film is also a portrait of romantic relationships right here and right now, with the real-estate bubble as a backdrop and that irritating mantra of 'You can be whatever you want to be' in the foreground. If you want to, you can start a new life, set forth and reinvent yourself, even though you’re not 25 years old any more, you’re skint and you have no choice but to share a house with your ex. You can… Or perhaps you can’t.”

Under the Same Roof is a Feelgood Media and Bajo El Mismo Techo AIE production, in conjunction with Sony Pictures International Productions, with the involvement of RTVE and Movistar+, with backing from the ICAA, and in partnership with Ford and Fotocasa. The movie will be distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment Iberia.

(Translated from Spanish)

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