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Review: Young & Beautiful


- Marina Lameiro competes in the official section at Navarrese Festival with a portrait of her disenchanted generation

Review: Young & Beautiful

The freshness, closeness and disenchantment of the director’s generation pervades the 72-minute film Young & Beautiful [+see also:
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, the first feature film by Marina Lameiro, screened in world premiere in Pamplona on Tuesday, 6 March, ​​in competition in the Official Section of the 12th edition of Punto de vista, Navarre International Documentary Film Festival.

Young & Beautiful has the same title as a song by Lana del Rey (who sings "will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?"), the instrumental version of which plays in this film, which is also enhanced by two songs by the techno duo Platiblond Extreme (the singer is one of the protagonists in the film, with Lameiro previously having made a video for their song No seré tu sirena): Tú lo sabes and A por ti, which both talk about the obsessive fear that can take hold of a person, following them everywhere like a shadow.

And it’s fear that strikes at the heart of the film’s four main characters (five, if you include the director, who talks to them with deep physical and emotional intimacy): Ione (the director's sister), Poti, Nais (her best friends) and Das (David Pérez, with whom she has previously collaborated on art projects), young people who ponder their current situations at the end of their thirties, as well as their expectations, futures ("finding my way") and, above all, a social system whose rigid rules they don't seem to understand or accept.

Lameiro's camera focuses on the mother of a child who has returned to his family home, a dancer who has started looking for a more profitable job (something that won’t force him to completely give up his artistic creativity) and a tattooed musician who goes to raves, as well as on trips and excursions in the countryside, while they explain – with the sincerity that you often find in conversations with friends – what worries them, how they are and where they are going... if they even know.

With the screenplay, direction, photography, direct sound and production handled by Marina Lameiro and the editing by Diana Toucedo (who screened her film, Thirty Souls [+see also:
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interview: Diana Toucedo
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, in the Panorama section at the Berlinale a few weeks ago), the film Young & Beautiful – developed as part of a Master's in Documentary Creation at IDEC-Universidad Pompeu Fabra – was filmed in several locations in the Basque Country, Navarre, Catalonia and Valencia over the course of two years, with the support of a group of sponsors and the help of the government of Navarre.

(Translated from Spanish)

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