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Lazio: Advance VAT reimbursement to foreign producers


The regions of Ile de France and Lazio will be strategic partners in film production.

"Thanks to the partnership between Ile de France and Lazio, wonderful co-production opportunities are being created, and the unblocking of production could soon become a political agreement, with the stipulation of holding a framework convention to render Italian-French collaborations systematic", said Lazio’s Cultural Councillor Giulia Rodano at Cannes, during the meetings of the "Capital Region for Cinema", the European network for film co-productions formed by the four regional “capitals” of Rome, Madrid, Berlin and Paris.

After the French-Spanish and French-German meetings, it was Italy’s turn: 22 Italian producers met with 18 French producers to discuss a series of film projects. Participants included Maurizio Totti (Colorado Film), Carlotta Calori (Indigo Film), Rean Mazzone (Dream Film) and Sabina Tornatore (Artimagiche Thule Film).

In regards to future measures in the field of cinema, the Lazio Region is planning on a Fund for advance VAT reimbursement for foreign producers (with support from Filas, which will manage the new fund), venture capital for the co-financing of innovative development projects, film co-productions, and the founding of the new Roma & Lazio Film Commission – All Set.

The Film Commission, which unites the resources of the Lazio Region, and the Province and City of Rome, will promote Lazio on the national and international level, along with its opportunities for film production, and will offer assistance to productions shooting in the region, backing it all phases, from film set and location selection to post-productions and premieres.

(Translated from Italian)

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